Our jobs

In this gallery we show you some samples of our work. Waterline Boat Engineering is a company dedicated to the repair, installation and maintenance of boat engines. We are stablished in Mallorca means that we are availabre for a great number of potential customers. Due the fact that we are close to important ports and there are a lot of vessels that requires maintenance or repairment of their engines.

We work for large vessels from important brands or companies as well as small private boats orvessels. Our level of involvement is the same because we our goal is to offer the best results to every customer. We strive to find always the best solution. We try to be quick, efficient and decisive, however complicated each case may appear in particular.

After more than 15 years of experience in boat engineering we became a consolidate and recognized and valued company in the Balearic Islands in terms of boat engine repairment.

Boat engines repair Mallorca

Our professionals know the world of sailing to perfection. We believe that experience and passion are the best combination to provide positive results. We face each new challenge with the certainty that we will move forward with precision and guarantee.

In the above photos we show you samples of our work in a large sailboat, and different engines in which we have worked with.